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Faberge Style Valentine Russian style Phantom of the Opera Egg and Heart 112Viewed 2550 times
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Russian Imperial style Egg. The Egg is cast of a heavy metal, with 22k gold finished mountings, over a transparent luminous Midnight Black and Ruby Red enameling. Surmounted with the Romanov Imperial crown.Set with dozens of jewel cut Austrian crystal gemstones. Inner midnight blue velvet lined interior. Inside is an enameled heart shaped box and inside that is a matching red egg pendnat necklace.(RUSSIAN Imperial Faberge style ruby enameled Heart Box. measures approx 2" wide. Bronze metal, with 22k gold finish, translucent ruby red enameling and set with numberous jewel cut Austrian gemstones. White opaque enamel ribbons. Inside reveals an enameled in translucent ruby red egg pendant necklace. Miniature Yellow Enameled Egg Necklace . Cast in bronze with a 22k gold finish. Hand set jewel cut Austrian gemstones. Has a translucent gold enameling. 18" necklace 22k gold finished chain. Egg itself measures approx: a half inch" in height. Comes with gift box.) Outer Egg itself measures approx: 6.5" in height and is an authentic reproduction of the earlier Faberge design of the 1888 "Danish Jubilee Egg" originally presented to Tsar Nicolas II's mother Empress Marie Feodorovna. Also included is satin lined gift box. Box has hinged lid engraved with the Romanov Double Headed Eagle, magnetic catch. Condition is new. Quality MUSIC BOX movement plays the classic melodic "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. Although not antique it has the appearance of being so.

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