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Faberge style RUSSIAN IMPERIAL gilded Frog Lily Pad clock 2511Viewed 2154 times
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RUSSIAN IMPERIAL gilded Frog Lily Pad clock. FAITHFULLY RECREATED USING A PETER CARL FABERGE ORIGINAL DESIGN. Lily pad is Cast of metal with a tranlucent emerald green enameling. Frog has 22k gold finish, with Emerald green jewelcut Austrian gemstone eyes. Clock features second had as dragonfly, that the frog is watching. Measures approx 2" x 3" diameter. Case made in china. Clock is Quartz by Elgin. **** Two of Saint Petersbourgs finest Russian Imperial Art Museums have been awarded the commission rights to restore and to produce certain Faberge masterpieces. These museums are working along with regional ateliers, where some of the 19th century designs were first made. Condition is new, and is an authentically reproduced masterpiece of an original Carl Faberge design . Usually sold exclusively in St. Petersburg and Moscow Cathedral, Museum, and Palace gift shops, in Russia. ****

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