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Faberge Style Russian Imperial Crown Jewel box with Egg and Necklace 2503Viewed 2268 times
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RUSSIAN Imperial Crown JEWEL BOX & Egg Necklace, 22k gold plate finish. This is an authentic reproduction of an earlier Faberge design. Has translucent Ruby red translucent enamel. Measures approx: 2.5" TALL, 100's of JEWEL CUT AUSTRIAN GEMSTONES MOUNTS. Inside is a Miniature Yellow Enameled Egg Necklace . Cast in bronze with a 22k gold finish. Hand set jewel cut Austrian gemstones. Has a translucent gold enameling. 18" necklace 22k gold finished chain. Egg itself measures approx: a half inch" in height. **** Two of Saint Petersbourgs finest Russian Imperial Art Museums have been awarded the commission rights to restore and to produce certain Faberge masterpieces. These museums are working along with regional ateliers, where some of the 19th century designs were first made. Condition is new, and is an authentically reproduced masterpiece of an original Carl Faberge design . Usually sold exclusively in St. Petersburg and Moscow Cathedral, Museum, and Palace gift shops, in Russia. ****

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