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Faberge Style Joan Rivers Hidden Timepiece Love Trophy Egg 2002 396Viewed 3339 times
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Joan Rivers Hidden Timepiece Love Trophy Egg 2002. This is the third egg in the Imperial Treasures III collection and includes a certificate of authenticity. This egg is lavishly designed in the style of Louis XVI. Inspired by the intricate motifs found in "Faberge's Love Trophy Egg", with its delicate basket of roses adorning the top, this piece is the perfect complement to your Egg collection. This peridot-green colored egg is encircled with a richly detailed band of intertwined vines and rose blossoms. Swags of garland are intricately engraved beneath guilloche' enameling. When opened the egg reveals a timepiece with an authentically designed antique dial set beneath a domed crystal. Precision quartz timepiece. DESIGNED AND SIGNED BY THE J. RIVERS COLLECTION. APPROX 4.5".

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