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Faberge Style Russian Imperial Coronation Coach Egg by Joan Rivers 395Viewed 2853 times
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Russian Imperial Coronation Coach Egg by Joan Rivers. It is the second egg in the Imperial Treasures III collection and includes certificate of authenticity. It takes its inspiration from Faberge's genius, in which he designed for the 1894 Coronation of Tsar Nicolas II and Tsarina Alexandra, of whom the original of this egg was given. This ornately carved egg features an intricate lattice of acanthus leaves studded with over forty delicately carved Imperial eagles. Over a guilloche' ground of golden sunbursts, a sharp yellow translucent enamel has been applied to the egg. A multifaceted crystal cabochon adorns the top of this treasure, magnifying the signature monogram. The special surprise tucked inside the egg is a miniature replica of the Romanov State coronation carriage, to be displayed proudly alongside your collection. Measures overall approx 4". Presentation case included.

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