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Faberge Style Russian Imperial Louis XVI Bell Photograph Frame Red 380Viewed 2433 times
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Russian Imperial style photo frame. Designed in the French Neoclassical Louis XVI style. Similar in style to the frames commissioned by the court of His Majesty Czar Nicolas II, by his Court Jeweler, Peter Carl Faberge. Deep Ruby Red translucent undulating face surface enameling, over a wavy engine turned guillouche backround and has 22k gold finished mountings. Bell shaped frame. Heavy velvet back and strut. Measures approx: 4" x 3.75". Condition is new. No box.This is an adaptation of the original Faberge design of this frame, which was originally was presented to the Tsarina by Tsar Alexander III approx 1899-1908 and was made by workmaster Michael Perchin.

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