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Louis-XV-French-Oil-Painting-Birds-in-open-landscape-Heavy-Gilt-Frame-38-034-x-48-034 Louis-XV-French-Oil-Painting-Birds-in-open-landscape-Heavy-Gilt-Frame-38-034-x-48-034 Louis-XV-French-Oil-Painting-Birds-in-open-landscape-Heavy-Gilt-Frame-38-034-x-4Viewed 181 times
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French Oil Painting of Birds, Sparrows and Parrots . This painting is a genuine hand painted oil on heavy canvas, painted by acomplished European artist, skilled in the 18th & 19th Century style of painting and museum restoration work,and made circa 1998. Signed :"Nicolas Serov". Heavy gold gilt frame in the Louis XV - Louis XVI style. Overall Measures approx: 38" X 48".

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