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V. Koszeghy Signed Oil on Canvas of Beautiful Ballerina 7899Viewed 549 times
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V. Koszeghy Signed Oil on Canvas with Beautiful Ballerina. Excellent condition. Measures 24 x 36. Violetta de Koszeghy, Hungarian (1928)
Ms. Koszeghy, a native of Budapest, Hungary, studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Budapest, where she earned a master's degree, and then at the art academy in Vienna, where her teacher for two years was Italian artist Luigi Kazimir. Following her studies, Miss Koszeghy traveled throughout the world and had many successful exhibits in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Australia, South America, Canada, and the United States. (See further exhibition details below.)

Miss Koszeghy is considered one of the most gifted Hungarian artists, as well as one of the most distinguished. Critics have praised Miss Koszeghy's oil paintings for excellence of technique, delicacy of fine detail, contrasts of light and dark, striking likenesses and superb harmony of color. Her favorite subjects were beautiful women, figures and classical portraits.

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