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ss AUGUSTUS Italian Line First Class "BELVEDERE LOUNGE" Pair Chairs by AUGUSTUS Italian Line First Class Chairs by Pulitzer !!!.;Measures approx  24" wide x 31"deep x 32" in height. There were ONLY 11 on board the ship at the time she was towed up onto the dreaded beaches of Alang !  I can help you with a shipping company. Info please call : 864 299 0278.
Arriving soon: Doors from First Class Ballroom, Doors from third class Dining Room, Staircase hand railings, Belvedere Lounge furniture, First Class Foyer furiture, Carpeting, Seating from Theatre, Standing ashtrays, silver, porcelian, exterior Promenade Deck hand railings with teak cap rails, chairs from t/n Michelangelo and t/n Raffaello ! Signage, Promenade Deck Dual faced clocks, Four Pairs Triangle paneled doors from Third Class Dining Room, Fire Alarms with red lights, silver ice cream compotes. Must be picked up , sorry no shipping avail.

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