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Huge Vintage Maisto Ballroom Dancing Animated Musical Train Trolley Christmas Display 5017Viewed 1488 times
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This is really a gorgeous North Pole Train/Trolley holiday display.

From the Side of the box:

There are two gaily dressed Victorian couples dancing to the music of a playful violinist on the upper deck. Below, a strolling violinist serenades other passengers, seated in the main body of the car.
The interior of the car is illuminated by the ceiling lights, which reflect brilliantly on all of the ornate gold trim which highlights the detrils of the inner structure of the trolley.
The wood and brass accents to the exterior of the car make it look inviting to climb aboard, or ascent the stairs to the upper level.
The conductor of this special trip is the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus, guiding our small group to a happy holiday season.
This is very ornate with nice details. It is nicely illuminated and wonderful music plays.

It plays 12 Holiday Songs - Stereo sound chip with 12 holiday favotires.
There are 7 moving figures- all standing figures.
There are 2 speakers in the base-disguised in housing.
It has True Stereo Sound -unique stereo sound system built into base of trolley.
Illuminated Interiors - technologically advanced miniature lighting system illuminates the interior.
Volume control and on/off switch.
This was made by Maisto Christmas Collections.

It measures 21" long base....18" long trolley x 11" tall to top railing...12 1/2" tall including figures....each figure is approximately 4" tall. 9" wide base....6"wide trolley.

It is in very good condition and comes with original box, which is also in very good condition.

Operates with the AC adaptor, which is included.

Please look at photos for additional description.

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