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Queen Marie Antoinette Louis XVI Antique Sevres Statue Bust 5012Viewed 1524 times
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Offered for sale is a Parian bust of Marie Antoinette, sitting on a light green glazed plinth.

This is a Museum Replica of a famous 18th century bust, currently on display at the Palace of Versailles. Modelled looking to her right. she is draped in fleur-de-lys fabric with a medallion around her neck.(originally, after the same statue at Versailles of the Queen, this medallion held a cameo of King Louis XVI)

Measures approx: 11 1/4" high.

Condition: Surface dust. No chips cracks or breaks. Will clean easily with mild soap and water.

Museum replica piece which would date to the mid 20th century. Very Rare Bisque Porcelian statue. Most likely made in Paris, France but possibly Vienna, Austria..

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