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SS TITANIC First Class Forward Staircase Large Wall Clock 5010Viewed 1545 times
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A Replica of SS TITANIC First Class Forward Staircase Large Wall Clock, made around the time of the Cameron Movie 'TITANIC" from 1996. Very heavy clock, approx 12 pounds, cast of Designer Resin, and measureing a large 15" x 21.5" x 2.5" in depth. Battery quartz movement . Face says "R.M.S. TITANIC and White Star Line 1912". Engraved Brass name plate below says " Clock for the R.M.S. Titanic First Class Forward Main Staircase". Hand finished in a dark Oak. Has minor imperfections, scratches to finish and face (see photos) but is in overall excellent and acceptable condition. Titanic Clock Reproduction. Approximately 15 X 21.
New condition. Made in 1996. 1st photo is actual clock.
Accurate Quartz movement. Impossible to find this clock these days and they were originally made for sale at the premier of the 1997 Titanic Movie,written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron. Constructed of various materials including designer resin, brass,fibreglass and wood. Antiqued distressed finish with shading, scratches, and wood graining for an aged appearance. Clock Weighs approx: 8 pounds.

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