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ONKYO A-7 Integrated Amplifier/Amp w/2-Phono Inputs and 2-25,000mf Capacitors!! 4994Viewed 1333 times
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Folks, this Classically Designed, and EXTREMELY 'Over-Built' Onkyo A-7 Integrated Amp is the TRUE definition of a 'Sleeper'! Not many were produced, and the few who are fortunate to own one are NOT telling anyone else about them! Moreover, when they DO come up for sale, the description is usually SO poor, that no one pays any attention. Well, PAY ATTENTION!! For openers, this is OVER 40 Pounds, packed, and when you simply pick it up, you KNOW it means business! Next, a quick look 'under the hood' will reveal a Massive Transformer, and a Pair of 25,000mf Power Supply Capacitors, which is, by today's 'standards', ridiculous! Heck, we've sold VERY High-End Integrateds, with a 'legitimate' Output of over 100 Watts Per Channel, that sport only a pair of 12,000mf caps. So, when we say that the A-7 is 'Conservatively' Rated at 65 Watts Per Channel, you KNOW that's an understatement! Moving on, and of interest to most of our customers (Who are, thank goodness, Analog Fans), we find not one, but 2 (TWO) MM (Moving Magnet) Phono Inputs, each capable of handling High-Output MC (Moving Coil) Cartridges, and each having a Clarity and Quietness that would embarass most of today's separate 'stand-alone' phono preamps. There are Pre-Out/Main-In Connections on the Rear Panel, with the Original Jumpers, and the Second Set of Phono Inputs has the Original Shorting Plugs. Staying on the Rear, you can read the label that clearly mentions that this WILL handle 4-OHM Speakers, and you DON'T have to throw some 'flukey' switch to do so! And, of course, please note the Two Complete Tape Loop Inputs & Outputs, with Dubbing/Monitor Controls on the BEAUTIFUL Front Panel. And on that Front, notice that the Tone Controls are Defeatable (Nice Touch for Purists!), and that the are 'High' and 'Subsonic' Frequency Cut-Offs available. The Headphione Amp is Marvelous, and even the Red Power Lamp Works Perfectly. Cosmetically, we doubt you'll find more than a teeny mark or two, so well cared for has this A-7 been.

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