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Steiff 'klein Archie' Bear 4920Viewed 1943 times
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Steiff 'Klein Archie' #1947 limited edition of 2500,certificate included, stands, documents, neck tag and ear button 14 1/2 inches, MIB, 1983, with photo of both Archies, Father and Baby Archie ! Made exclusively for the "Enchanted Dollhouse", Vermont.VERY SPECIAL STEIFF BEAR - 1983 "KLEIN ARCHIE" -AN ENCHANTED DOLLHOUSE LE WITH EXCELLENT CONDITION ORIGINAL BOX. 0140/38. 15" TALL. Archie is a wonderful, rich chocolate color luxurious mohair, contrasting light honey color shaved muzzle with dark brown eyes, black nose, airbrushed Smile!! All ids, curved boyish arms with felt pads, dark brown claws on paws, very dark brown feet, dark claws and the bottoms are Flat. They are big feet and measure approx 4" long. He is magnificent and has wonderful feel. ORIGINAL BOX is in excellent condition and is the red/orange/light orange/yellow waves with happy Steiff pets in the middle. On the flap: "A LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 BY THE MARGEUETE STEIFF COMPANY/"KLEIN ARCHIE"/CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE ENCHANTED DOLL HOUSE in Vermont". Impressive size and he has never been played with - stored in climate controlled, non smoking environment.

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