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Set of two Swiss Rustic Lodge Pine Trees w/snow and Lites 4815Viewed 2090 times
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This is a Rare Set of two Swiss Rustic Lodge Pine Trees w/snow & Lites . One tree is over 36" tall and the other tree is approx: 24" tall. Decorated with berries, pine cones and flocked snow ! Decorators please NOTE; The tree shown in the photo is the exact model tree you will receive. All the branches should be arranged with all the ends of the tips bent in an upward fashion. You must carefully DRESS this trees branches, in a natural tree like way, after it has been removed from the box, to get the desired correct effect, as shown here ! . This Christmas Tree set is exclusive to Romanov-gifts. It comes with a set of 60 seperate red lights for you to decorate the trees with, if you want them to be lit yourself.

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