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RAY HARM SPODE PLATES AMERICAN SONGBIRDS set of Twelve 2656Viewed 3360 times
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RAY HARM SPODE PLATES AMERICAN SONGBIRDS set of 12. Each measures approx: 9" wide. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION OF RAY HARM SPODE BONE CHINA PLATES. THEY ARE FROM 1970. THEY ARE AMERICAN SONGBIRDS AND BEAUTIFUL. EACH PLATE IS DELIGHTFULLY DETAILED WITH AN ART BY RAY HARM. From a series of plates in a limited edition (5000) issue of famed Naturalist Artist Ray Harm's artwork reproduced on fine Spode China. Ray Harm has led a remakable life with many noted pieces of art to his credit. Examples include being commissioned to do a Bald Eagle painting for John F. Kennedy and providing the artwork for the first issue of the Kentucky Duck Stamp. He is recognized as being the co-founder of the modern limited edition print industry in America. These plates are sought after by both Ray Harm Art Collectors and Spode China Collectors. Today's value of the complete set is between $1,500 and $2,000. Hallmarked on back: Limited Edition,SPODE Bone china, England. This very limited edition series was manufactured by Spode, with lithography by the Johnson Matthey Company, based upon an original series of paintings by renowned artist and naturalist Ray Harm. These plates were produced over a several year period, during the early-1970's, and production of each plate was strictly limited to 5000 pieces. (A very limited edition for a set of this nature.) Today (some 40 plus years later), complete sets are very rare, and the book value of such sets is between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00. Ref. The Ray Harm Price Guide. (Note: This helpful resource is available on-line). Titles include: The American Goldfinch, The Rose-breasted Grosbeak, The Easter Bluebird, The Red-bellied Woodpecker, The Carolina Chickadee, The Western Tanager, The Rufous-sided Towhee, The Winter Wren, The Cardina, The Barn Swallow, The Eastern Mocking bird, The Stellars Jay. Some have the slightly dual worn boxes, some do not have boxes, a few have the dual outer liners. From one of South Carolina's finest historical register Plantation homes. A selection of some of the 12 plates are shown below.

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