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Faberge Style Valentines Day Cupids Bow EGG w/inner Pendant Necklace - 101Viewed 2692 times
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RUSSIAN IMPERIAL EMPIRE style Egg, made of a bronze metal casting, with 22K gold finished mountings, the surface of the egg finished with an translucent red enameling, and set with over one hundred and eighty jewel cut Austrian gemstones.

Surmounted by a bouquet finial of MADONNA LILIES, being enameled in matching colors, over gold. Has unusual oblong base, with cream enameled fields, and burgundy enameled garlands.

The inner compartment is enameled a swirled gold, and reveals gemstone set Egg with Bow pendant necklace. The Egg itself Measures approx: 6.5" in height. Included is a satin lined gift box. Excellent new condition.

Condition is new, and is an authorized, authentically reproduced masterpiece of the original Carl Faberge design. Usually sold exclusively in St. Petersburg and Moscow Museum gift shops, in Russia. Adapted from a Carl Faberge design for the 1899 'MADONNA LILY EGG". Originally commissioned by Tsar Nicolas II.

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