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Welcome to Standart's Retired Cruise Ship Collectibles & NAUTICAL ANTIQUITIES
SS Norway

What you will find here:

Offering authentic marine antiques, collectibles and original nautical decor, vintage ship and boat collectibles, high quality fittings and components from retired Luxury Ocean Liners.

In my worldwide travels, I have collected several pieces of genuine Ocean Liner memorablila, classic maritime salvage and select furninshings from several cruise liners.

Due to other interests, I have decided to part with many of my nautical souvenirs and treasures by offering them here on this special site I have set up for this purpose. I am pleased to be able to offer for sale several unique and genuine pieces that have been salvaged from the SS Norway / SS France through contractors and salvage crews in Alang, India during the final dismantling of this majestic historical cruise ship.

Click on the ship's names at the left to view photos and more details regarding the specific vessel you are interested in. You will also find links on these pages to my web store where I have listed many items for sale in each ship category. For your convenience you may purchase any item by adding it to your secure shopping cart and following the checkout process.

All of the items on this web site are genuine vintage marine salvage. I do not sell replicas. Each item is an authentic marine artifact and/or reclaimed relic from the retired ocean liners I have listed by name.

I take paypal, personal checks and money orders. I also sell on ebay under the name STANDART and you will see by my feedback history that I am an honest seller with integrity. I do ship worldwide, however, if you live outside the USA, please contact me first for an accurate shipping quote. I will be happy to provide you with an invoice through paypal which protects us both.


Please be sure to visit my main web site at for hundreds of Russian collectibles including Faberge style eggs, music boxes, jewelry, oil paintings and much more.

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