Russian Imperial Treasures

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Faberge Gifts
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Russian Imperial Treasures

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Faberge Eggs

Peter Carl Faberge

Welcome!! This site is dedicated to the historical significance of Peter Carl Faberge and in particular, his world reknowned Faberge eggs.

I have collected many items over the years related to Russian history, especially the Romanov Dynasty and the Imperial Royal Monarchy.

I have recently contracted with a European manufacturer to produce an exclusive, very limited number of high quality Faberge style reproductions that I am offering here on my site.

Photo at right: The Jordan Staircase, Catherine Palace, Tsarskoe Selo.

Many unique and rare treasures are to be found here!! Here in my web shop, you'll find authentically detailed Faberge eggs recreated in the style of the 18th century masterpieces, also music boxes, Russian paintings, jewelry, frames and clocks.

Orders will be shipped direct to you, from our European factories to save both time and shipping costs. All orders will be $9 to ship. Additional items ship free.

Many of these pieces feature hand-worked enameling over guilloche' backrounds with hand-set genuine Jewelcut Austrian Gemstones. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you again soon!

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